R-hub check ids

R-hub ids

Every R-hub check has a unique id, that is constructed from the name of the source package archive, and a random string. For example:


R-hub group ids

For every check submission, R-hub also creates a unique check group id. One check group may contain multiple checks. E.g. check_for_cran() typically creates three or four check groups. Group ids look the same as individual check ids.

Abbreviating ids

The rhub package keeps a list of all the checks that it has seen in the current session, and these checks can be also referenced by any unique prefix of the random string part of the id, e.g. in the get_check() function. E.g. if rhub already know the devtools check above, then



This is only recommended in interactive mode, and we suggest that you always use the full ids when using rhub programmatically.