• Replace platform parameter with platforms in check() (#497).

  • Update shortcut for Mac OS platform (@echasnovski, #393)

  • cran_summary() now works even if there is a NOTE/WARNING/ERROR in one platform and nothing on other platforms (@fabian-s, #259).

  • Check results have now a get_ids() method, to easily query the id(s) of the check.


  • cran_summary() now messages that we recommend to fix all NOTEs, WARNINGs and ERRORs before a CRAN submission when the check results aren’t 0 NOTE, 0 WARNING, 0 ERROR.

  • cran_summary() now outputs informative messages when any of the builds of the group hasn’t completed (yet, or at all).

Bug fixes

  • cran_summary() now works for packages whose R CMD Check result include no NOTE/WARNING/ERROR, and gives an informative error message when not all builds are completed yet.

  • cran_summary() now prints lines to screen without unwanted indentation.

New features

  • New local_check_linux() function to run an R-hub check on the local host’s Docker. New local_check_linux_images() function to list R-hub Docker images.

  • New check_on_solaris() shortcut to check on Solaris X86, without building the PDF manual or the vignettes.

  • New get_check() function that works with check ids, or a check group id.

  • list_package_checks() and list_my_checks() now output a tibble, that is nicely formatted when printed to the screen.

  • The output of get_check(), check(), check_on_, check_for_cran(), etc. functions gained

    • an urls() method returning a data.frame with URLs to the html and text logs, as well as the artifacts, of the check(s);
    • a browse() method replacing the web() method for opening the URLs corresponding to a rhub_check object.
  • New cran_summary() method to print a summary for a group or set of checks.

Bug fixes

  • In printing methods the submitted time is now always correct thanks to explicitly specifying units for as.numeric.difftime (@jimhester, #94 and @schloerke, #135).

First public release.