List all checks for an email address

list_my_checks(email = email_address(), package = NULL, howmany = 20)



Email address. By default it is guessed with whoami::email_address(). The address must be validated, see validate_email().


NULL, or a character scalar. Can be used to restrict the search for a single package.


How many check groups (checks submitted simultaneously) to show. The current API limit is 20.


A tibble::tibble with columns:

  • package Name of the package.

  • version Package version.

  • result: More detailed result of the check. Can be NULL for errors. This is a list column with members: status, errors, warnings, notes.

  • group: R-hub check group id.

  • id: `R-hub check id.

  • platform_name: Name of the check platform.

  • build_time: Build time, a difftime object.

  • submitted: Time of submission.

  • started: Time of the check start.

  • platform: Detailed platform data, a list column.

  • builder: Name of the builder machine.

  • status Status of the check. Possible values:

    • created: check job was created, but not running yet.

    • in-progress: check job is running.

    • parseerror: internal R-hub error parsing the check results.

    • preperror: check error, before the package check has started.

    • aborted: aborted by admin or user.

    • error: failed check. (Possibly warnings and notes as well.)

    • warning: R CMD check reported warnings. (Possibly notes as well.)

    • note: R CMD check reported notes.

    • ok: successful check.

  • email: Email address of maintainer / submitter.

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if (FALSE) {
ch <- list_my_checks()