Check an R package on R-hub

check(path = ".", platform = NULL, email = NULL, valgrind = FALSE,
  check_args = character(), env_vars = character(),
  show_status = interactive())



Path to a directory containing an R package, or path to source R package tarball built with R CMD build or devtools::build().


Platform to build/check the package on. See platforms() for the available platforms. If this is NULL, and the R session is interactive, then a menu is shown. If it is NULL, and the session is not interactive, then the default R-hub platforms is used. Can take a vector of platforms which saves time by building one R package tarball that is used for all the platforms specified.


Email address to send notification to about the check. It must be a validated email address, see validate_email(). If NULL, then the email address of the maintainer is used, as defined in the DESCRIPTION file of the package.


Whether to run the check in valgrind. Only supported on Linux currently, and ignored on other platforms.


Extra arguments for the R CMD check command.


Environment variables to set on the builder machine before the check. A named character vector.


Whether to show the status of the build and check (live log) as it is happening.


An rhub_check object.


if (FALSE) { check(".") check("mypackage_1.0.0.tar.gz", platform = "fedora-clang-devel") }