List checks of a package

list_package_checks(package = ".", email = NULL, howmany = 20)



Directory of an R package, or a package tarball.


Email address that was used for the check(s). If NULL, then the maintainer address is used.


How many checks to show. The current maximum of the API is 20.


A tibble::tibble with columns:

  • package Name of the package.

  • version Package version.

  • result: More detailed result of the check. Can be NULL for errors. This is a list column with members: status, errors, warnings, notes.

  • group: R-hub check group id.

  • id: `R-hub check id.

  • platform_name: Name of the check platform.

  • build_time: Build time, a difftime object.

  • submitted: Time of submission.

  • started: Time of the check start.

  • platform: Detailed platform data, a list column.

  • builder: Name of the builder machine.

  • status Status of the check. Possible values:

    • created: check job was created, but not running yet.

    • in-progress: check job is running.

    • parseerror: internal R-hub error parsing the check results.

    • preperror: check error, before the package check has started.

    • aborted: aborted by admin or user.

    • error: failed check. (Possibly warnings and notes as well.)

    • warning: R CMD check reported warnings. (Possibly notes as well.)

    • note: R CMD check reported notes.

    • ok: successful check.

  • email: Email address of maintainer / submitter.


if (FALSE) {
ch <- list_package_checks()